Radiohead Still Shunning Labels and RIAA

On Friday, 18 February 2011, Radiohead released there long awaited eighth album, The King of Limbs a day early on their website. Unlike 2008's In Rainbows name your own price plus credit card transaction fee, this album is sold at USD $9 for 320kbps MP3 or $14 for uncompressed CD Quality Wave files.

At first listen, this album sounds like a Trance Ambient adventures with-in the bands inner mindspace with nods to Dubstep. This is some of the shit that I am totally into these days. Having said that, I am not overly giddy to fork over cash for the album right away but I will give it a few more listens. I like to lull things over but I am attached to Lotus Flower. Radiohead posted their Official Video on their YouTube Channel at the same time as the album was released.

It's good, but nothing to get overly excited about. It would be good in a multi-sub-genre "Dance, Dance, Dance Mixtape" for sure. I support Independent, RIAA-free music and I like what I hear to some degree but I'm still not completely sold.

Most Radiohead fans would strongly disagree with me. They are shocked and awed in Radiohead's latest direction even though it's not what they wanted nor expected to soothe their fanatical worship.

You can decide for yourself read the fanboy track by track review while listening to the entire album.

If you've followed some of my musical postings for the Sad Clown iPOD project, you would know that I've always liked Radiohead songs when they were performed by someone else. If you are like me in that regards, or if you like All Things Radiohead, including Really Cool Covers and Tributes, then you have to check out 2010's Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele.

Yes that is the same Amanda Fucking Palmer from the Dresden Dolls. The Seven Song album is available in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. It's a Name Your won price deal, but has a $0.99 minimum price to cover royalties for Radiohead and the Credit Card Transaction fee.

It's available at Amanda Palmer's Bandcamp Store and you can preview it in its entirety below. [Ed. If the player fails to load, you can still preview it at her store.]

I admit, in Track Five Palmer sounds quite rough, but it was recorded live while she was hungover during a sound check. Otherwise, It's a pretty solid tribute that only Amanda Fucking Palmer could deliver.


Is J-Metal Primed for a US Invasion?

As any well versed American Metalhead would know, Japanese Metal begins and ends with X Japan. Well, that may have been true back in the Late 80s and Early 90s when Metal first caught fire then steadily blazed red hot in Japan, but it has grown and evolved much since then. I was aware of the changes but not to what degree until recently when Harajuku Culture Authority, La Carmina, introduced me to the sights and sounds of 凛 [Lin] -The End of Corruption World- through their Promotional Video for Metamorphose.

I was immediately sucked in by their Progressive Metal sound that infused Nordic Symphonic Metal and J-Pop vocals into the mix. Assembled by Japan's renowned Visual Kei songwriter and bassist, Kisaki, they are delivering tones that would be at home in most Western ears.

But in a country where even the most popular Latin/German/French Bands are overlooked until they release an English single, is that enough? For our answer, we need to look no further then the popularity of Rammstein in the US. They prove that you can still rock the Metal World and sing in your native tongue.

Metamorphose by LIN

More recently in an article published in CNN-GO, La Carmina observed the resurgence of Metal with-in Japan and how it is priming to expand into other Metal-loving countries. The aural multi-genre fusions from these acts are breathing new life into the Metal Scene. It also mirrors similar musical experimentation that is happening in Europe. Add in the X Japan inspired the Visual Kei & Lolita fashions (think Glam Metal in Victorian clothing) and you have a interesting live show to double your entertainment.

Blood Stain Child blends Trance, Electronica, Melodic Death Metal and Industrial Metal to deliver their own hybrid sound.

Freedom by Blood Stained Child

While on the subject of Death Metal, have you ever seen a Death Metal band that was so beautiful you were instantly infatuated. G∀LMET has the looks, the growls and are developing the chops to be a deadly, sexy package.

Cypress [Live] by G∀LMET

I have only begun to address the question I've posed. I will happily continue to dig deep into Metal from all over the world and attempt to analyze how it influences the Metal Scene at home.

Unchained Love by G∀LMET


Early Listen to "Korn III: Remember Who You Are"

As a faithful Roadrunner records fan, I got a sneak preview and download from Korn's upcoming album Korn III: Remember Who You Are. The sole track they released to us was Are You Ready to Live.

After downloading, I gave it a it listen. It's a combination of driving guitar parts and reflective, almost emo parts. It's not clear whether the music sounds like it has direction, goal and purpose to reflect the lyrics or if the band is just lost in the direction they really want to go.

The chorus is very problematic for me. The vocal performance and musical arrangement sounds like a cross between Freak on A Leash and Falling Away from Me. The lyrics sounds like a new twist on an old song.

My mind plays tricks on me,
I can't control it you see,
I'm barely beating down,
The pain go round me.

My mind plays tricks on me,
It's unbelievable to see,
I always destined to shit,
Around me.

If this song was released early to generate buzz around the highly anticipated new album available 13 July 2010 then one of two things are obvious.

1. Roadrunner Records picked the wrong song to feed the faithful


2. This album will be a total "Heard it before" let down.

I am hoping that the former is the case.

Here is the song as leaked on YouTube


Ratt Returns from Obscurity

One of the 1980's loved Hair Bands, Ratt, has returned after being out of the limelight for over 20 years, Ratt began putting their band together and solidified the current lineup (Featuring Vocalist Stephen Pearcy, Lead Guitarist Warren DiMartini and drummer Bobby Blotzer from the original line-up and Guitarist Carlos Cavazo and Bassist Robbie Crane) in late 2008.

With renewed passion and a record deal with Roadrunner Records, they have crafted a brand new album that still maintains that immediately recognizable "Ratt Sound" with out sounding dated.

It hits the stores 20 April, but you can hear it now!



Local Band Vies for Vans Warped Tour

Flagler County's own Condemn the Infection has entered a contest hosted and promoted by Ernie Ball Strings to one of the local Metal bands to perform on the Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten.

This band is already garnering attention and gaining momentum in Florida. After opening for OT3P in Jacksonville on the first leg of the "Smash the Control Machine" National Tour, CTI has played in large venues in the greater Tampa area and Gainesville proper.

They need your help to get to the next step take a few seconds of your time to register and vote for them. You can vote for them daily, the bigger the fan participation the better their chance is to taking the next big step!


"Uprising" Soundtrack for a Tardis?

I have always had this feeling that there was some sense of underlying familiarity to Muse's Uprising. I am not referring to the obvious plagiarizing of the famous Glitter Beat, but the treble line.

As luck would have it, while doing research for what seemed at first, a completely unrelated song post for Teatro Triste del Clown, I was enlightened.

I am quasi active in writing for what is coined "The Sad Clown iPod Project" where multiple authors write about every song on their iPod/MP3 player. The post I was working on was the immensely popular 1988 novelty song (at least in the UK) called Doctorin' the Tardis by the Timelords (BKA - Kopyright Liberation Front or just The KLF.) The song samples [also] samples that famous Glitter Beat intertwined with the The Doctor Who Theme.

One of the rules for this project is to include a video or audio either by embed or link. After embedding the "Official Video" in my post, I also found an "MP3 over Album Cover" video on YouTube for the Extended Dance Club 12" single. I happily included it in my post. At the end of the Video was a link for "Muse -vs- The Timelords," a GenErik mash-up posted by ErikVeland.

In his info blurb, Erik writes:
Thought Muse got some inspiration from Dr. Who on their single Uprising? So did I. This remix was done the same day the track was leaked.

Muse's new track Uprising together at last with its definite inspiration Doctorin' The Tardis by The Timelords (a.k.a. KLF). Mashup by GenErik

Going back and listening to Uprising, it is now obvious that the arrangement is the slowed down central arrangement for The Doctor Who Theme (the part between the intro and outro.)

As they say "The proof is in the pudding" or "Hearing is believing"

Here is one example of the theme (1980-1985 Version)

That Glitter Beat, 1972's Rock and Roll by Gary Gliiter

1988's Doctorin' the Tardis by the Timelords (KLF)

2009's Uprising by Muse

2009's Muse vs The Timelords (KLF) - Doctorin' The Uprising (GenErik Retardis Mashup) [Dr. Who Yeah] by GenErik


Franco-Celtic Bluegrass with a Pinch of Gospel

One of my Recipe Journal followers had a post in her journal about the music scene in St. Boniface, Manitoba which led to discussion between us about traditional folk/bluegrass music. The drawbacks of the "purist" approach versus the rooted approach. She recommended several bands from the greater Winnipeg, Manitoba area that were rooted in the Franco-Manitoban Folk tradition. They were The Duhks, Genticorum, Les Chauffeurs À Pieds, and Vishtèn.

After listening to a couple of songs from each from Lala, et al, I immediately took a liking to Vishtèn. I followed up each some more at MySpace Music, but I found only one on ReverbNation.

Listening to more music from that one band at ReverbNation drew the fanboy out of me. Then their live cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" started to play. As the song continued to stimulate my musical sensibility, I came to the realization that not only did they own that song, they pwned me too.

The band I speak of is The Duhks (pronounced like "ducks.")

Two of the members from this quintet are from St. Boniface and they bring with them the strong and pure musical traditions of that region that this Juno Award Winning and Grammy Nominated group as a whole draws upon to produce their unique Folk/Rock/Celtic/Ole Timey/Bluegrass/Gospel sound.

My Space




Note: The post production separation of sound on "Whole Lotta Love" sounds better on your speakers than on the headphones.

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