"Uprising" Soundtrack for a Tardis?

I have always had this feeling that there was some sense of underlying familiarity to Muse's Uprising. I am not referring to the obvious plagiarizing of the famous Glitter Beat, but the treble line.

As luck would have it, while doing research for what seemed at first, a completely unrelated song post for Teatro Triste del Clown, I was enlightened.

I am quasi active in writing for what is coined "The Sad Clown iPod Project" where multiple authors write about every song on their iPod/MP3 player. The post I was working on was the immensely popular 1988 novelty song (at least in the UK) called Doctorin' the Tardis by the Timelords (BKA - Kopyright Liberation Front or just The KLF.) The song samples [also] samples that famous Glitter Beat intertwined with the The Doctor Who Theme.

One of the rules for this project is to include a video or audio either by embed or link. After embedding the "Official Video" in my post, I also found an "MP3 over Album Cover" video on YouTube for the Extended Dance Club 12" single. I happily included it in my post. At the end of the Video was a link for "Muse -vs- The Timelords," a GenErik mash-up posted by ErikVeland.

In his info blurb, Erik writes:
Thought Muse got some inspiration from Dr. Who on their single Uprising? So did I. This remix was done the same day the track was leaked.

Muse's new track Uprising together at last with its definite inspiration Doctorin' The Tardis by The Timelords (a.k.a. KLF). Mashup by GenErik

Going back and listening to Uprising, it is now obvious that the arrangement is the slowed down central arrangement for The Doctor Who Theme (the part between the intro and outro.)

As they say "The proof is in the pudding" or "Hearing is believing"

Here is one example of the theme (1980-1985 Version)

That Glitter Beat, 1972's Rock and Roll by Gary Gliiter

1988's Doctorin' the Tardis by the Timelords (KLF)

2009's Uprising by Muse

2009's Muse vs The Timelords (KLF) - Doctorin' The Uprising (GenErik Retardis Mashup) [Dr. Who Yeah] by GenErik

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