Metal Mania Latest Victim in MTV's Metal Hatefest

At 11 AM this morning, I tuned into Metal Mania on VH1 Classic. It's the best source for Classic Metal videos. I actually I should say it was.

To my shock and horror, the lead off song was "Something About You" by Level 42. That's not Metal!! It's one of the worst pop songs that the 80s ever produced.

"Okay," I thought. "Someone goofed and the next song will be something kicking like AC/DC or Twisted Sister"

Wrong! It was "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang. Sure, it's a great song, but I want to Watch METAL videos that's why I tuned into Metal Mania in the first place!!

Now I have to complain.

I surfed to VH1 Classics and regular VH1 websites and they don't have any links or means to contact them. Imagine that. They don't want to hear from us. Just like their Parent Company, MTV, they want to dictate what we watch and when we will watch even if they have to be misleading.

MTV has a long history in campaigning against all things Metal dating back to 1988. This latest stunt has cemented my resolve to boycott and harass this company.

I will not stay up to 4 AM trying to find what time slot Headbanger's Ball on MTV2 is on this Saturday night. No great loss, they usually only play videos from a small subgenre niche on a show that's 15% BS and 75% commercials. A third of them for albums by Hip-hop and Rap Stars in an attempt to alienate their audience.

Besides YouTube or Google video clips, the last true refuge for Metal Videos is MetalVideo.com. That's where I am off to after I click "Publish" on this post.