Early Listen to "Korn III: Remember Who You Are"

As a faithful Roadrunner records fan, I got a sneak preview and download from Korn's upcoming album Korn III: Remember Who You Are. The sole track they released to us was Are You Ready to Live.

After downloading, I gave it a it listen. It's a combination of driving guitar parts and reflective, almost emo parts. It's not clear whether the music sounds like it has direction, goal and purpose to reflect the lyrics or if the band is just lost in the direction they really want to go.

The chorus is very problematic for me. The vocal performance and musical arrangement sounds like a cross between Freak on A Leash and Falling Away from Me. The lyrics sounds like a new twist on an old song.

My mind plays tricks on me,
I can't control it you see,
I'm barely beating down,
The pain go round me.

My mind plays tricks on me,
It's unbelievable to see,
I always destined to shit,
Around me.

If this song was released early to generate buzz around the highly anticipated new album available 13 July 2010 then one of two things are obvious.

1. Roadrunner Records picked the wrong song to feed the faithful


2. This album will be a total "Heard it before" let down.

I am hoping that the former is the case.

Here is the song as leaked on YouTube