Franco-Celtic Bluegrass with a Pinch of Gospel

One of my Recipe Journal followers had a post in her journal about the music scene in St. Boniface, Manitoba which led to discussion between us about traditional folk/bluegrass music. The drawbacks of the "purist" approach versus the rooted approach. She recommended several bands from the greater Winnipeg, Manitoba area that were rooted in the Franco-Manitoban Folk tradition. They were The Duhks, Genticorum, Les Chauffeurs À Pieds, and Vishtèn.

After listening to a couple of songs from each from Lala, et al, I immediately took a liking to Vishtèn. I followed up each some more at MySpace Music, but I found only one on ReverbNation.

Listening to more music from that one band at ReverbNation drew the fanboy out of me. Then their live cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" started to play. As the song continued to stimulate my musical sensibility, I came to the realization that not only did they own that song, they pwned me too.

The band I speak of is The Duhks (pronounced like "ducks.")

Two of the members from this quintet are from St. Boniface and they bring with them the strong and pure musical traditions of that region that this Juno Award Winning and Grammy Nominated group as a whole draws upon to produce their unique Folk/Rock/Celtic/Ole Timey/Bluegrass/Gospel sound.

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Note: The post production separation of sound on "Whole Lotta Love" sounds better on your speakers than on the headphones.

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