Is J-Metal Primed for a US Invasion?

As any well versed American Metalhead would know, Japanese Metal begins and ends with X Japan. Well, that may have been true back in the Late 80s and Early 90s when Metal first caught fire then steadily blazed red hot in Japan, but it has grown and evolved much since then. I was aware of the changes but not to what degree until recently when Harajuku Culture Authority, La Carmina, introduced me to the sights and sounds of 凛 [Lin] -The End of Corruption World- through their Promotional Video for Metamorphose.

I was immediately sucked in by their Progressive Metal sound that infused Nordic Symphonic Metal and J-Pop vocals into the mix. Assembled by Japan's renowned Visual Kei songwriter and bassist, Kisaki, they are delivering tones that would be at home in most Western ears.

But in a country where even the most popular Latin/German/French Bands are overlooked until they release an English single, is that enough? For our answer, we need to look no further then the popularity of Rammstein in the US. They prove that you can still rock the Metal World and sing in your native tongue.

Metamorphose by LIN

More recently in an article published in CNN-GO, La Carmina observed the resurgence of Metal with-in Japan and how it is priming to expand into other Metal-loving countries. The aural multi-genre fusions from these acts are breathing new life into the Metal Scene. It also mirrors similar musical experimentation that is happening in Europe. Add in the X Japan inspired the Visual Kei & Lolita fashions (think Glam Metal in Victorian clothing) and you have a interesting live show to double your entertainment.

Blood Stain Child blends Trance, Electronica, Melodic Death Metal and Industrial Metal to deliver their own hybrid sound.

Freedom by Blood Stained Child

While on the subject of Death Metal, have you ever seen a Death Metal band that was so beautiful you were instantly infatuated. G∀LMET has the looks, the growls and are developing the chops to be a deadly, sexy package.

Cypress [Live] by G∀LMET

I have only begun to address the question I've posed. I will happily continue to dig deep into Metal from all over the world and attempt to analyze how it influences the Metal Scene at home.

Unchained Love by G∀LMET