Introducing Marilyn Roxie (From Rave and Roll Blog)

MissP is one of the regular visitors to Teatro Triste de Clown where I am a regular contributor. I often visit her 80's Music Site, Rave and Roll Blog where she occasionally posts about today's undiscovered musical talent.

Not too long ago, she posted a fantastic introduction to an up and coming young Electronica star in her article:
80’s (and sometimes 00’s) Music Rules ~ Introducing Marilyn Roxie.

After reading Miss Parker's glowing review, I downloaded Ms. Roxie's self released album, 2009's
New Limerent Object, which is/was being distributed as a free download.

Once I started listening to it, I was amazed by the proverbial outside of the box creativity that greeted me. From the ethereal to the surreal, it is an eclectic mix of
electronica ear candy.

Notable tracks:
  • Drift Along/Distortion takes us on a ride as we drift through a surreal musicscape.
  • And There I Was has a silk road flavouring to it.
  • Indigo has a great depth in its simplicity and could be the electronica of parlour music.
  • Out in the Moonlight emits a fantastic Middle Eastern sound.
You can download your copy of this album free at Ms. Roxie's Official Website.

If you want a hear something first, below is the just released video for Indigo.