Razorblade Fairytales by Hate in the Box

This review originally appeared in Memo Juez's LiveJournal (RIP). It can still be found at Razorblade Fairytales

I first heard of Hate in the Box, an up and coming NYC area band, from a concert flyer posted at girlsinbands by cyanidebonbon.

A few mouse clicks later and I am listening to the infectous vocals of Rainbow Blight on a couple of full length Ogg Vorbis downloadable files. I was so impressed I ordered this CD right then and there.

RazorBlade Fairy Tales' first cut, Porcelain, opens with a dark keyboard/synth intro by Optimus Crime shortly joined by an overdriven rhythm guitar. Rainbow Blight soon starts in with When you cry it makes a sound, --like knives on Porcelain in a voice and inflection that makes the listener ask "Is that Gwen Stefani?" Any confusion is quickly eradicated as Blight's powerful and emotionally charged vocals suck you into a world of razorblades that make the tears of dolls run red.

Through-out the entire album, the musical arrangement is straightforward and uncomplicated with a nod to the heyday of Industrial Metal of the early nineties with a Gothic Metal flavouring. Optimus Crime is extremely adept with his keyboarding and musical layering production skills that give the likes of Jason Slater (Snake River Conspiracy) a run for his money.

Crime's hooks have meat hanging from them.

If you are tired of the same old radio friendly garbage pumped daily into your life, then RazorBlade Fairy Tales is a refreshing jaunt out of your watered down musical mediocrity.